6 Activities To Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Girl blowing bubbles with her eyes closed

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel like a kid again, every now and then. With the responsibilities and pressures of adult life, a break is needed sometimes. The next time you’re feeling the need to unwind and go back in time to your childhood, try out one of these activities with your friends and family! We guarantee you’ll have a blast.

Blow Some Bubbles

The epitome of youth, bubble blowing. This is an awesome way to get some fresh air and really throw it back to playing at the park all of those times. Bubbles were always involved.

Have A Game Night

This idea is perfect for those who are opting to stay inside. Invite a few friends over for snacks and their favorite board game or card game. Not only will this be easy fun, but it’ll be meaningful fun because you’ll be with your friends. Just like the old days!

Bake Something Yummy

Think back to when you were a kid. It was always so much fun to bake, right? Relive that feeling when you bake cupcakes, cookies, or peanut butter balls.  The messier the adventure, the better. Plus, you get a treat afterward as a reward.


Yes, you read that right. Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of letting loose enough to skip around without a care in the world. Put aside how silly it is, and pay attention to how much fun it is! You can do this right on your own street, or you can go to a more private field or path to do your good ole skip.

Host A Sleepover

You know the deal — pizza, ice cream, candy, PJs, and some classic DVDs. Make it a whole thing with a pallet of blankets on the floor and some string lights. It’ll be a ball.

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Dance Your Heart Out

Pick out the classics, get hyped up, and let it all out in the best and easiest form of movement… dance. Your stresses will melt right away with every word of every song.

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