Bring The Adventure To Your Backyard With These Camping Ideas

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You don’t have to go out of town, or even out of your own back yard to camp. With just a few supplies, some imagination, and activities, you can go camping right in your own backyard. The kids will love it, and you will, too!

Get A Tent

Though it may be tempting to crawl back to the creature comforts of your plush mattress and air conditioning, pitch a tent outside and immerse yourself in the experience. Though, you may want to set up an air mattress to avoid feeling too creaky the next morning.

Have A Fire

Making your own fire pit is relatively easy and low-cost, just be sure to check any local laws about recreational fires. Once the flames are blazing, roast marshmallows, make s’mores and even cook dinner over the fire. Think: if you can poke it on a stick you can cook it over a flame. This includes pizza and biscuit dough! Additionally,  if you have a metal coffee percolator or espresso pot, now is the perfect time to whip it out and enjoy a cup of joe a la the flames.

Plan Activities

To ensure you all don’t head back inside for the TV when things get a little boring, plan out plenty of activities. Try:

  • Games like frisbee and cornhole
  • Playing instruments and singing
  • Bring field guides and identify the flora and fauna in your yard
  • Crafts with string, leaves, and rocks
  • Go for a walk or hike nearby

Bring Everything Outside

For kids, the best part of camping is how it changes everyday activities like cooking, eating, and even brushing your teeth. Bring everything you’ll need for the night or weekend outside with you to make the experience even more “authentic”.

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Go Off The Grid

If you’ve found yourself exhausted with being constantly connected online these days, take time to disconnect from it all. Leave your phones and smartwatches inside the house. You can even buy disposable cameras to document the experience.

Above all, just have fun and be creative, these are the memories you’ll cherish forever!

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