How To Buy A Car Online And From Home

A young woman is using a laptop comfortably in the living room at home.More and more consumers these days are looking for ways to minimize public interaction and do business from the comfort and safety of home. It’s relatively easy to order small ticket items like groceries and coffee from home via the internet, but what about larger purchases like a new or used vehicle? 

Many dealerships now offer ways to complete the entire car shopping and buying process online, and will deliver the vehicle to your home once the transaction is completed. has put together a nice primer on how to handle the online shopping and buying process, and we’ve pulled some select nuggets for you. 

Do Your Research Online

This may seem like a no-brainer, but we’re going to cover it anyway. With the internet, you can research the exact make, model, trim, and features of your desired vehicle from home. After that, you can research different dealerships to see which store has the exact vehicle the way you want it. Keep in mind, many dealerships will be willing to custom order a vehicle if you are a serious buyer and they don’t currently have it in stock. 

Find Out About Factory Incentives

Keep in mind that most factory incentives are available to look up online – you don’t have to rely on a dealer to communicate them to you. Factory incentives like cash back, special financing, and deferred payment options can be a huge help to your bottom line when getting a new or used vehicle. 

Ask About Test Drive At Home Programs

In the not-so-distant past, the primary obstacle to a 100% online buying experience was the test drive process. You had to actually physically go to the dealership to drive the vehicle you were thinking about purchasing or leasing. Many dealerships now offer to bring vehicles to your home or workplace and let you test drive them on site. 

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