Candy Alternatives For Halloween

Group of children and their parents playing trick or treat on Halloween.

When most people think of trick-or-treating on Halloween, they think of candy bags. But there are many reasons why candy isn’t always the best option for kids. For example, some children can’t eat the candy safely or may have dental work that interferes. In addition, non-candy treats can entertain kids for much longer. Try swapping out your Halloween candy for some of these fun alternatives.

Glow Sticks and Bracelets

Most children go trick-or-treating outside once the sun goes down. But not every area is lit up well. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents can happen when cars don’t see children dressed in dark clothing. One way to help kids be more visible and to give them a fun treat is to pass out glow sticks, glow bracelets, or glow rings. In fact, these little glowing treats can help your kiddos trick-or-treat a little more safely. Plus, glow-in-the-dark stuff is just fun.

Little Plushies

Cute little Halloween character plushies are a surefire hit. And these little plushy pals will likely last much longer than a few pieces of candy. There are many online and catalog companies that allow you to order a larger quantity so you can hand them out at Halloween. Of course, another great option is to offer tiny plushies as prizes for Halloween games.

Jokes and Novelties

Kids love funny toys and jokes. For Halloween, you can hand out little whoopie cushions or fake vampire teeth. These kinds of small toys can keep kids entertained for hours of fun. In addition, you can buy a mixture of silly toys like these, or even plastic eyeballs and witchy fingers in a mixed bag. That way, kids can choose which toy they like.

There’s So Much Room for Activities

Little Halloween-themed activity pads and pencils are fantastic giveaways for kids. One or two bites take care of a piece of candy, but an activity pad and pencil last much longer. In fact, some activity pads have many pages of puzzles, pictures, and more. In addition to pencils, you may also be able to pass out small crayons or colored pencil packs.

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Grown-Up Treats

Adults often make trick-or-treating rounds with their kids, but most treat bowls are for the little ones. You can support the parents and even the older kids by passing out treats like small water bottles or granola bars to help sustain the long walks. In addition, no law says adults have to stop liking toys and games once they grow up. Reward their inner child with a grab bag of fun toys or a tiny bottle of bubbles. And even a glowing necklace can be a good way to help kids spot the adult who is walking with them.

Halloween candy is yummy, but you can also opt for lots of non-candy treats that everyone will love. And just like with your decorations, you can get creative and think outside the box. Happy Halloween!

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