How To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Little Ones

Earth Day

If you have small children, chances are you’re used to getting many questions about the planet. After all, kids are curious. Help them learn more about Earth and celebrate the holiday that honors it with a few Earth Day crafts for the family. We’ve taken a closer look at 6 so keep reading to make them come to life for your fam!

Coffee Filter Earth Art

An exciting activity for you and your kids is to create an Earth with a coffee filter! Sure, you can just use markers or crayons to color the land and ocean, but there’s much more fun to be had with this project. First of all, you’ll need some coffee filters, washable markers, glue sticks, a zipper bag, scissors, a pencil, and water spray bottle. Once you have all the items you need, you’ll want to flatten the coffee filters and draw your Earth with the continents and ocean. Then, place the colored coffee filter in a zipper bag. Spray with a water bottle. Your kids will enjoy watching the colors blend together, forming swirls of blue and green!

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Bird Seed Feeder

A large part of Earth is the fact that numerous creatures walk the land. But in some cases, they fly! Earth Day is a great time to teach your kids about the many types of animals. Since there are countless birds always flying about, be sure to teach your kids about different types of birds. By doing the bird feeder project, you and your little one will soon see birds in your own front yard. You’ll need birdseed, a cardboard tube, peanut butter, scissors, string, a bamboo skewer, and a butter knife. Poke the skewer through the cardboard tube near the bottom (this will serve as the “perch” for the birds). Afterwards, make two small holes on opposite sides of the cardboard tube and tie some string through each hole. Be sure to leave enough room with the string so you can hang it on the branch of a tree once you’re finished. Afterward, use the butter knife to cover the tube in peanut butter. Then, you’ll cover the tube with birdseed, sticking it to the peanut butter. Find a good place in your backyard or front yard and place the bird feeder on a strong tree limb. Watch as the birds gather!

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