Christmas At The Caverns Returns

Christmas at the Caverns

If you’ve ever been to San Antonio’s Natural Bridge Caverns before, then you already know it’s a pretty remarkable place to get the chance to explore nature. But did you know that it’s also a fun spot to celebrate Christmas as well? That’s right – Christmas at the Caverns is returning this year, and it’s going to be better than ever. There are so many festivities going on that you may want to return more than once just to get a taste of everything that’s happening. It’s going to be open on Dec. 7 to 8, 14 to 15, and 21 to 23, giving you plenty of opportunities to go and check it out. Take a closer look at the schedule to get an idea of when all the best activities are happening.

Just make sure to get your tickets soon. If you already know that you’re going to attend, just go ahead and purchase your tickets online. Tickets for adults cost $27.99, while tickets for children cost only $23.99. You can also buy more add-ins when you get there if you want an even more exciting experience.

Hear Your Favorite Carols in a Huge Cavern

Do you love hearing Christmas carols? Nothing else can quite get you into the spirit of the holidays like a good Christmas carol can. But they sound even better when they’re performed in the largest underground cavern in Texas. The acoustics in there are seriously astonishing, so you know it’s going to be a real treat.

Get Pictures With Santa

Whether you have little ones or just want to take some funny photos, pictures with Santa are a must! But these won’t be just any Santa pictures. This Santa is dressed like a spelunker. How else is he going to go down into the caverns? You really can’t get photos like this anywhere else, so it’s not something you should miss when you come out.

Take Pictures in the Giant Snow Globe

Yes, this place has a giant snow globe, and it really is something else. It may just be the perfect spot to take photos this holiday season. If you’re looking for an Insta update, this is definitely the place to go.

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Ice Skating

Time to get out on the ice! If you love ice skating, then you’re in luck. You get to go ice skating when you come out to Christmas at the Caverns. Don’t have any skates? Not a problem. You can easily rent them right there.

There’s so much more to see, so bring your family out to Christmas at the Caverns soon.


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