Your Turn To Cook The Turkey? Here’s How To Make The Best


Does the thought of messing up the Thanksgiving bird take your joy from the holiday? Although it can appear daunting, success can be easily achieved. Your results can be so gratifying, that you will want to cook the turkey every time. Just keep these helpful hints in mind.

Must-Know Tips

Here are a few quick notes to keep in mind as you start off the holiday cooking!

  • Buy a large enough bird to ensure leftovers. Generally, this will mean around one pound per person.
  • Choose your cooking method based on the kind of bird. For kosher, it does not need to be salted since it is already salty. A heritage turkey should be cooked gently, not at a high temperature. Turkeys from the supermarket are great for roasting.
  • Allow at least two days to defrost the turkey. If you discover that it is still not defrosted enough, then rinse it with cold water to speed up the process.
  • It’s a good idea to season the turkey a day ahead, but make sure it’s completely defrosted first.
  • Allow the bird to rise to room temperature for an hour before cooking it to internal temperature. This will result in more even cooking.
  • Begin cooking the turkey in a hot oven (425 – 475 degrees) for about 20 minutes, and then reduce the temperature to 350 degrees. This will allow the skin to brown nicely.
  • Don’t baste too frequently. Opening the oven door too much will not allow the turkey to cook properly.
  • Get a good digital thermometer with a probe that will allow you to monitor the temperature without constantly having to check on the turkey.
  • Remove the turkey from the oven around 30 minutes to 2 hours prior to serving. This will allow the turkey time to become juicier.
  • It’s easier to carve a turkey if you break it into manageable pieces before cutting.

Just follow these practical tips, and you will be a turkey preparation expert in no time.

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