Visit The Crawfish Café Of San Antonio

Crawfish Boil

Finding delicious seafood in San Antonio, TX, does not have to be difficult. As a seafood lover, you deserve a filling meal with plenty of choices. The Crawfish Café has just what you’re looking for. You can visit the San Antonio restaurant (or any of the other two Texas locations) or order online. Both lunch and dinner are served. Furthermore, you shouldn’t have to worry about being hungry when you’ve finished your meal. There’s something for anyone who eats here. Check out the menu today and make this the first place you choose for great seafood.


Before you dig into your main course, it’s always good to start with an appetizer.  These dishes will whet your appetite for the rest of your meal. Moreover, you can order enough to share with the rest of your group. Try the seafood gumbo, which comes in either a cup or a larger bowl. If oysters are up your alley, you’ll love the gulf oysters here. These come in either a half-dozen or dozen selections. The crawfish eggrolls are another popular choice. There are some unique options as well, including oyster nachos, Cajun calamari, and crawfish cheese bread.

Seafood Boil

When you’re ready to move on to the main course, you have three steps to follow. First, you can pick the seafood of your choice. The options include crawfish, whole lobster, blue crab, New Zealand mussels, and shrimp. Next, add a flavor: original Cajun, kickin’ Cajun, garlic butter, lemon pepper, Thai basil, and coco loco. Then, decide on mild, medium, spicy, or extra-spicy spice levels.


The Crawfish Café knows how to blend seafood with other favorites. For example, the wings are a hit here. You can sample the Cajun buffalo, sweet chili, honey barbecue, lemon pepper, or garlic Parmesan flavors. Louisiana blend, salt and pepper, and fish sauce are also available flavors of wings.

Take a Wok

The wok menu is also filled with succulent dishes. You may want to try the gulf blue crab, snow crab legs, king crab legs, shrimp, Dungeness crab, or Maine lobster. Guests also like the Cajun fried rice, shrimp-fried rice, soft shell crab fried rice, and crawfish fried rice.

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Fried Platters

If you’re really hungry, go for one of the nine fried platters the restaurant offers. Whether your appetite is craving catfish, shrimp, oysters, or crab, there’s something for you here. These are served with a choice of two of the following: boiled corn, potatoes, Cajun fries, hush puppies, or shrimp fried rice.

Above all, when you come to the Crawfish Café, bring plenty of room in your stomach. Not only is the food filling, but it’s delicious. There’s a lot to like here, so stop by or order online today.

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