DIY Fall Craft Ideas

A decorative wreath with berries, hanging on the outside of a door

Even though you might be sitting inside of your house right now, outside there is change happening. Leaves are changing and falling, the breeze is blowing, and the hot weather is slowly making it’s exit until the following summer. Even though this is taking place right outside of your door, you can bring the joy of the season into your home with a few simple crafts. Let’s take a look at some of the gorgeous creations you can make on your own!

Metallic Pumpkins

If your porch or countertops need a little metallic flare, these inexpensive pumpkins are fun and easy to create, and look great in any space. Collect all of the metal rings from around the top of your mason jars, and tie them together. Best part? They won’t rust.

Autumn Wreath

The craft store is your friend when it comes to this decoration. Pick a color scheme, paint some plastic pumpkins, and then attach them to your wreath along with some faux flowers and greenery. Since it is custom made, it will never go out of style.

Wooden Post Pumpkins

We typically think of pumpkins as being round, but have you ever seen a rectangular pumpkin? This creative craft is quick and cute. Just find some wooden posts and paint them with fun orange and white designs. Stripes, polka dots, whatever you want. Add a branch on top to look like a stem for your pumpkins.

Leaf Garland

Cute, inexpensive, and festive! This project has it all. String some crunchy leaves onto a string of yarn and decorate the railing on your porch. This will tie in some gorgeous colors and feelings of fall.

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Mason Jar Candle Holder

When you think of stenciling, you think of tracing a pattern and then coloring inside, right? Well this approach is just the opposite. Trace a leaf onto a mason jar, and then paint the whole jar except for the leaf. Layer in some pebbles with different colors, and then place a candle right on top.

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