Power Up Your Kid’s Minds At The Doseum!


Hey, parents! With the new school year at our doorstep, we’re sure your kids are a little sad to leave summer behind. So why not remind them how much fun learning can be by taking a trip to the San Antonio DoSeum?

The DoSeum is a highly interactive science and art museum that helps your kids “charge up” their minds through fun, hands-on exhibits that cover every subject from STEM fields to literacy. Your kids will have so much fun, they’ll be itching to get back to school to tell all their friends!

Exhibits at the DoSeum

The DoSeum is packed with amazing, interactive exhibits that will kick your child’s curious little mind into overdrive. Here’s a look at what they’ll experience.

Going Places – From planes to trains to automobiles and beyond, this Summer exhibit introduces your child to the science behind how we travel. Hop aboard the flight simulator, pack a cargo ship, float across the floor on a hoverboard, and more! This exhibit ends on September 8.

Force Course – Through the use of ball cannons and air tubes, your child will have a blast learning about force motion, and inertia.

The Big Outdoors – This huge, outdoor play space provides opportunities for tactile learning, gross motor skill development, and exploration.

Little Town – A make-believe space featuring an airport, grocery store, food truck, trolley, and more. This open-play exhibit gives your child a chance to use their imagination, make friends, role play, and build numeracy and literacy.

Spy Academy – Send your child on a secret mission as they use math and logic to crack codes, solve puzzles, find secret passages, and complete missions.

Imagine It – From a tunnel-laden play place to 3D animation, this exhibit encourages your child to tap into their imagination and express themselves by creating stories and art through a number of hands-on mediums.

Innovation Station – This exhibit introduces your child to the sciences of design and engineering. From building blocks and raw materials to VR and AR, your child will have the chance to enhance motor skills and agency by building machines, controlling robots, and more.

Sensations Studio – Make music, experiment with laser beams, and learn all about sound and light waves.

Explore – This is a great exhibit for stimulating your child’s interest in the environment and their community. Kids can act as city planners, designers, architects, or environmentalists as they experiment with models and geospatial technology.

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Hours & Admission

The DoSeum located at 2800 Broadway St. San Antonio, Texas 78209, and is currently operating under its summer hours schedule (which ends August 25). These hours are:

  • Monday – Saturday : 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Sunday Members-Only Hour: 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Admission is $14 for all ages. However, children ages one and under are free. There are also discounts for military, educators, senior citizens, and SNAP/WIC recipients. While in the summer schedule, there is a $5 discount after 4 pm.

For more information about your trip to the DoSeum, call  (210) 212-4453 or email info@thedoseum.org.

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