Eat Around The World At Clementine

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If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, then check out the mouthwatering menu at Clementine Restaurant in San Antonio, TX. Chef John Russ and is wife, Pastry Chef Elise Russ, co-own the restaurant and has made it their personal mission to provide you with a culinary delight.

What Is Clementine?

John and Elise Russ both have an extensive background with food and baking, so when they moved to San Antonio in 2012 they knew they had to be a part of the city’s food community. Together they opened several pop-up dinners that showcased the food scene in San Antonio. After the success of the dinners they were encouraged to open their own restaurant in 2016. Together the built Clementine which is known for serving seasonal eats that are inspired by global flavors in a casual setting.

What’s On The Menu?

You can order directly from the menu or you can allow Chef John Russ to feed you with his choice of plates. Don’t worry about choosing what to eat, when you let the chef feed you. The “Feed Me” option is designed so that Chef Russ will create a unique dinning experience that highlights the flavors of the seasons.

The menu is packed with starters like hush puppies and white mushroom salad, that give you a hint of what’s to come. You can then move into the Sideboard options which include items like Ricotta Cavatelli which has broccoli-top pesto, Sichuan peppercorns, toasted pecans, and Parmesan. It’s not over yet because you can also try the platters which include yummy bites like Crisp Heritage Pork Belly which come with fingerling potato salad, caper and scallion vinaigrette. Make sure you leave room for the best part, dessert, and try the Clementine Crunch Bar which is chocolate mousse, toasted hazelnuts, and clementine sherbet.

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Eat At Clementine

If you’re planning going out to eat, then contact Clementine and reserve a table on the patio or in the dinning room, especially if you plan on bringing a party that is large than six.

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