Enjoy Smoked Brisket Like A True Texan


People in Texas are serious about BBQ, in particular smoked beef brisket. That’s why, when a new recipe comes along, quite a few people in San Antonio are ready to get things cooking. Here’s a smoked brisket recipe from Hey Grill Hey that folks around here might want to try.

What is Needed to Begin

  • Smoker. Any smoker that can hold a steady temperature of 225 degrees.
  • Large Cutting Board. One with a big surface to slice the brisket when it’s ready to serve.
  • Meat Thermometer. Any meat thermometer that will display the internal temperature.
  • Butcher Paper. Butcher paper to wrap the meat.
  • Chef’s Knife. A good, sharp knife is necessary to slice the brisket.
  • Seasoning. Coarse salt and coarse black pepper, plus as an option garlic powder.
  • Brisket. It should be at least one-half pound per person eating.

How to Choose Brisket

The first thing to think about is how much to get. Most grocery stores will carry briskets between three and five pounds, but it is probably better to choose one between 10 and 12 pounds for this recipe. To find one like this, most people will need to ask a butcher shop. Typically, prime beef will be more marbled. This means there will be more fat, which means more juicy flavor.


  • Trimming. About 20-30 minutes should be spent trimming down the brisket. There can not be too much fat on the top.
  • Seasoning. The coarse salt and coarse black pepper should be applied at this point. Garlic powder can be added if so desired.
  • Smoking. A nice hardwood should be used in a smoker. Oak with a little bit of cherry can be a nice option. As long as the heat is consistent, that is what is most important.
  • Wrapping. Some people use foil, others use butcher paper. Once it is wrapped, it should be returned to the smoker at 225 degrees until the internal thermometer reads 202 in the thickets part.
  • Rest the Brisket. This is a very important step because the hot and bubbly juices need to settle down and redistribute to the meat. It also brings the brisket down to a desired slicing and serving temperature.
  • Slicing the Brisket. The best way to slice the brisket is to go against the grain for maximum tenderness. However, there will be some areas where the grain isn’t perfect and this is just not possible. When the meat is tender enough it should not matter much.

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Serving Brisket

In Texas, people tend to ask for either fatty or lean brisket. Many people might recommend a little of both to experience the flavors each provides. Brisket should be served with pickles, white bread, picked red onions, pickled jalapenos, and sauce on the side.

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