Fun Ideas For Egg Decorating This Easter

Happy family painting Easter eggs

Dyeing eggs is a staple activity of the season. If you are still using the traditional dye kits from the grocery store, give it an upgrade this year. Take a look at these fun ideas for egg decorating this Easter!

Marbled Eggs

Place shaving cream in a shallow bowl, then add a few drops of food coloring to the bowl and mix up the color. Put an egg into the bowl and swirl it into the shaving cream mixture to achieve the marbled effect. If you plan on eating your eggs, use whipped cream instead of shaving cream.

Sugary Sweet Eggs

Add a bit of sweetness to your egg-dyeing activities. Place your favorite sugar crystal or nonpareil sprinkles into a shallow bowl. Brush mod podge all over your egg or wherever you want it decorated with sprinkles. Roll your egg in the bowl of sprinkles to get a sweet effect.

Watercolor Eggs

Unleash your creative side with this egg-decorating idea. Mix up some watercolor paints on a palette. Brush water onto your egg then adds light strokes of watercolor paint to the water. Do this all over the egg or until you are satisfied with your artwork.

Nail Polish Eggs

Pull out a few cups and fill them about halfway with water. Swirl your favorite nail polish colors into each of the cups. Dip your egg into the water and you will have achieved a beautiful swirled look when you take the egg out!

Disco Eggs

Add a little extra sparkle to your egg-dyeing tradition this year! Dip a portion of your egg in glue or brush glue onto your egg wherever you want. Cover the glued area in sparkly glitter. Now you have a gorgeous, shimmery egg that is sure to catch everyone’s eye at the egg hunt.

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Naturally Dyed Eggs

You don’t have to spend a fortune on egg-dying supplies. You can dye your eggs using stuff you already have in your kitchen! For orange eggs, use paprika. For yellow eggs, use turmeric. If you want blue eggs, try crushing up blueberries. There are many ways you can achieve color from natural ingredients!

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