Have The Best Gameday With These Recipes

Guacamole close-up view.At long last, our Saturdays and Sundays can now be spent watching our favorites play on the big screen. No matter who you root for, one of the best things about a well-spent gameday is the delicious food you get to enjoy. Gameday treats like buffalo turkey wings, homemade guacamole, super nachos, and many others are all part of what makes your Saturday or Sunday so great. That’s why Food Network came up with this exceptional list of classic gameday delicacies!

Buffalo Turkey Wings

When it comes to wings, we typically think of chicken, but these turkey wings add a little something different to your otherwise normal wing recipe. Complete with tangy buffalo sauce, crispy skins, and tender meat, this new take on a classic dish will add a nice twist to your routine.


There’s really no comparison between homemade and store-bought guacamole. When making homemade guac, you want the texture to be a little on the chunky side, and not over mixed. To achieve the right texture, be sure to use a rubber spatula to gently combine all of your ingredients. For a little added touch, throw in some chopped coriander to give it an extra lemony flavor. 

Super Nachos

Next to make this gameday snack list is super nachos. Start this delicious treat with beef, beans, and cheese, but don’t stop there. Be sure to add plenty of additional toppings like tomatoes, queso, onions, peppers, and more! The secret to the best nachos is having a near excessive amount of options for toppings.

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Pigs In Spicy Blankets

This modern twist on a classic dish is sure to be a hit. When it comes to preparing the dough, be sure to add in cayenne pepper as well as Italian seasoning to give this traditional gameday food a little added kick.

Happy snacking!

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