Grab Some Goods At Historic Market Square

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Historic Market Square is an outdoor plaza of shops, restaurants, and artisans located right in the heart of San Antonio. Historic Market Square is the largest Mexican market in the United States! Visitors get to elevate their senses when they experience and enjoy the tastes, smells, sounds, and sights of old Mexico! Plan your visit today.

History of Historic Market Square

The plaza, where Historic Market Square originally resided, was a gift to land settlers by the King of Spain in 1730. Since its beginning, the square has been a lively place where vendors sell their goods. The market moved to its current location in the 1890s to make room for the new settlers in the area. By 1900, immigrants from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia integrated into the square, adding more flavor to the mix!

Eat and Drink

San Antonio is famous for its delicious and authentic food of Mexican culture. Both locals and tourists recognize the square for its good food. The square has a food court with a variety of foods, refreshments, and treats, as well as multiple locally-owned vendors. Other restaurants are also located on the square for visitors to enjoy a nice meal!

Explore and Shop

The tradition of public markets lives on at Historic Market Square! The entire square is full of locally-owned shops that offer a variety of unique products. The streets are lined with handcrafted art and homemade snacks. The products sold at Historic Market Square celebrate the cultural, artistic, and ethnic influences of the Southwest and Mexico. Local artisans set up along the outdoor plazas to show off their crafts, which are available for purchase! Guests can watch as they create pottery, paintings, leather goods, candles, jewelry, and more.

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Planning a Visit?

Historic Market Square is located at 514 West Commerce Street San Antonio, Texas 78205. You can give them a call at (210) 207-8600. Learn more about things to do and their event calendar on their website!

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