Bring Summer Camp Fun To Your Home

Child painting with a brush and watercolor paint

School is about to let out, so it’s your job to plan what the kids will be doing all summer long. While summer camps are an exciting change of scenery, they can be quite pricy, and some kids get homesick. After all, the best place for the little ones to be is in their own home, so you can bring the summer camp to your humble abode with these tips!

Play Like Picasso

Art is fun for both kids and adults because the kids get to create a masterpiece for mom or dad to display around the house. Grab some paper or a canvas, some paint brushes, and paint of your choice. Your creative child will love this idea, and such an expressive project is sure to keep them busy for hours. Also, the great thing about the summer season is everything dries out in the sun quickly, including paint, so that calls for a simple clean-up.

Try an Experiment

While the kids won’t be attending science camp this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a scientist from the comfort of your kitchen. With just a few household items, like pepper and soap, or a kitchen sponge and egg, you can develop the minds of your little ones with some safe kitchen science experiments.

DIY Play Dough

Store-bought Play Dough is full of chemicals, and it dries out easily. Ditch the expensive brand name dough, and assist the kids in making their own concoction. From Play Dough recipes containing household items like shaving cream, aloe, lavender, and even an edible marshmallow mixture, prepare to be amazed.

Get Outdoors

There’s nothing like some good, old-fashioned outdoor games! Often these days,  you’ll find kids tucked behind a television screen, so send them in the backyard for a dose of fun. From relays to tag, and informal games of kickball or soccer, they can beat the heat with these activities.

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