You Will Be Soy Glad You Made Homemade Sushi

Cutting sushi rolls

Sushi is a dish that can be costly, especially if you find yourself eating at your favorite spot weekly. If you love sushi but you are looking to cut the bill in half, try making your own homemade version instead. Once you learn how to create your own custom rolls, you will be able to enjoy sushi any night of the week. Take a look to see how you can create your favorite takeout meal in the comfort of your own home.

Find The Right Seaweed For Your Rice

Seaweed can make or break your sushi, literally. Make sure to find a seaweed that is specifically for sushi-making. The packages will state if it is meant for sushi-making. Once you find the best seaweed for you, it is time to spread your rice onto the seaweed. Remember not to smash the rice. Gently pat it onto the seaweed.

Time To Cut Your Fish

The fun thing about sushi is you can make it with anything. The most common ingredient is fish. If you are a fan of salmon, a ½ pound piece is enough for roughly six sushi rolls. To cut your fish you will want to place all your ingredients on the rice. To roll it up tightly you will need a bamboo mat. You can find these online for just a few dollars. Parchment paper or a type of plastic wrap works too. It won’t be as tight but it will do. Once it is wrapped up, use a sharp knife and cut it into pieces.

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Sushi Tips

You may be tempted to keep your sushi overnight, but that is not recommended. Since you are using raw fish it is best to not risk the chance of bacteria growth. Also, rice does not do well refrigerated. Sushi is a type of food that needs to be eaten freshly made. Don’t forget that sushi can be made without fish! You can do any type of roll you would like. The options are endless and whatever you decide to make will end up being delicious!

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