Tech At Its Finest: The Hyundai Sonata Smart Park

2020 Hyundai SonataThe modern era of automobiles has provided us with luxuries and comfort from fuel efficiency to technology-infused dashboards. Adding to that, Hyundai has raised the bar once again with Hyundai Sonata Smart Park. This intelligently-designed feature is integrated with technology at every layer to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience.

Smart Park

Showcased in a new Boston-themed Super Bowl ad, “smaht pahk” is a pretty cool feature, especially for an affordable family sedan. This feature can move the car into and out of tight parking spaces without a driver at the controls. There are two ways to initiate operation: you can hit a button before you exit the car, or, if the car is parked, you have to remote-start it first using the fob. Then you control the parking function with forward and reverse buttons on the key fob.

This new system is available with the simple push of a button on the remote key fob. Smart Park works well if you park the Sonata in a tight spot with no room to open the doors, and can also impress your friends and anyone nearby. You’ll become an expert car-parker without having to do anything!

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Other Interesting Features

Smart Park isn’t all the Sonata has to offer. There are other interesting features that prospective buyers will love:

  • Blind Spot View Monitor – While blind-spot indication is nothing new, the Hyundai does it a little differently. When you opt for the available 12.3-inch digital display, mainly on the higher trims, the digital gauges flash to a camera view of the blind spots on either side of the car when the turn signals are activated. That’s a step up in smooth safety technology.
  • Nature Sounds – In the new Sonata, Hyundai included a setting for “nature sounds,” in which you can listen to different natural sounds like a “lively forest,” an “open-air café,” and a “snowy village,” to name a few. Why? Hyundai says that these sounds are meant to keep the driver, and occupants, calm during highway congestion or traffic jams by reducing the outside noise of the city or highway.

Enjoy watching your quality of life improve inside a new roaring sedan. You can find a new Hyundai Sonata at Red McCombs Hyundai Northwest in San Antonio, Texas!

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