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Lotería Run

Do you love to run, but it seems like all races are the same? You go to the starting line, end up at the finish, and then head home. That might be the standard way races are run, but the Lotería Run is anything but standard. This run manages to combine bingo and racing to amazing results. The 8th Annual Lotería Run will take place on Aug. 3, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. It’s $30 to register for the 5k, and racers will meet at Pavilion #2 at McAllister Park.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Lotería Run.

The Race

Lotería means “lottery” in Spanish. Racers are giving a Lotería tabla at the beginning of the race and then they are off. They need to fill their tabla as they make their way through the 5k. The first one to fill it shouts “iLotería.”

Just like the traditional Lotería game in Mexico, there will be 54 Lotería cards to match. Each card contains an image, and that’s where the costumes come in. The runners are the cards based on the costumes they wear.

Dress Like a Lotería Card

The Lotería Run includes a costume contest. Participants should dress up as an image on a Lotería card. For instance, you could dress as the el Sirena (mermaid) card or the El Soldado (soldier) card. When you see people wear a costume that corresponds with an image on your tabla, you’ll fill it in. Each match will bring you closer to winning the game. At the same time, people will try to match your costume to their tabla as you run by.

The Prizes

It wouldn’t be a lottery without prizes, right? There will be prizes for the overall male and female winners, plus cash prizes for the best costume. It’s not just about filling the card or wearing a costume, though. You can also win a prize based on your chip time. You will be placed in an age group, and if you come out with the best time for your group, you will walk away a winner.

The After Party

The entire race feels like a party, but that feeling really gets going once the last runner crosses the finish line. That’s when the fiesta begins. There will be music and dancing, so stick around and enjoy the fun. And don’t feel the urge to bring a change of clothes. Everyone parties in their costumes.

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Get Ready to Race

You don’t need to be a trained runner to participate in this race. It’s really just about having fun with your friends. Start working on your costume and pick out some running shoes. This is sure to be a blast, and you don’t want to miss it.

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