Get Spooked With An Overnight Ghost Hunt

Overnight Ghost Hunt

Think you’ve got enough guts to spend the night in a haunted mansion? If so, make your reservation for Haunted Rooms’ Overnight Ghost Hunt at Victoria’s Black Swan Inn in San Antonio. The hunt starts at 8 pm on Saturday, May 25 and lasts until 10 am the next day. During your stay, you’ll join up with a professional ghost hunting team and spend the night searching and listening for restless spirits who are said to haunt the Inn and the surrounding grounds.

The evening begins with a quick introduction and a workshop on paranormal investigating. You’ll receive instructions on various ghost hunting techniques as well as the equipment you’ll be using, which includes (but is not limited to) EMF Meters, dowsing rods, and EVP recorders. You are allowed to bring your own equipment as well.

After the hunt, you’ll camp out with the others under the night sky, surrounded by the eerie woods. You are required to supply your own camping gear (including tents and sleeping bags). Food and drinks will be available, as will a light breakfast the next morning.

Tickets are $119 per person and can be purchased online. Patrons who wish to attend the Abandoned Yorktown Hospital Overnight Ghost Hunt & Sleepover in Yorktown on Friday, May 24 will receive a 20% discount by booking both events together.

Hauntings At Victoria’s Black Swan Inn

The land on which the Black Swan Inn was built is said to have been a sacred place for Native Americans due to the apparent mystical properties of the nearby Salado Creek.  In 1842, the forces of the Texan Army and Mexican Militia clashed in the Battle of Salado, in which over 60 soldiers lost their lives. Years later, in 1887, the property was purchased by German immigrant Heinrich Mahler, who also built the Inn. Both Mahler and his wife died on the property, and are still said to haunt it today.

Over the years, there have been multiple reports of sightings of dead soldiers, Native Americans, and others who have lost their lives at the Inn. Some have said they hear the sound of drums beating throughout the surrounding woods. Others have claimed they were physically attacked by unseen forces.

Whether or not there’s any real paranormal activity on the grounds is for you to decide. But one thing is for sure, the Black Swan Inn is steeped in history and chock full of stories from America’s past. If that’s the kind of thing that piques your interest, then you’re sure to have fun with an Overnight Ghost Hunt.

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