School Supplies: Know What To Buy

School girl with her mother choosing between big variety of notebooks for new school year

School girl with her mother choosing between big variety of notebooks for new school year

Kids generally don’t want to hear it, but many parents count down the days: summer vacation is about to give way to the new school year. You don’t want your children to start school feeling unprepared. You can get your kids some supplies after school begins. However, you don’t want to forget some items. To make your upcoming shopping trip successful and satisfying, you need to follow some basic guidelines. This will benefit you and your kids.

Lunch Boxes

A healthy lunch is a crucial part of your child’s day at school. If you plan on sending your kids to school with lunch from home, they need something to store it in. For example, the old-fashioned brown paper bag can work. However, a good approach for younger kids is a lunch box. There are plenty of options to choose from. What’s important is that you pick something sturdy to last throughout the school year. Furthermore, the lunch box needs to be big enough to fit everything but not too bulky that it’s too difficult to carry around. Be on the lookout for dishwasher-safe options and ones with compartments.


No school student should be without a backpack. For example, the right one can securely fit binders, notebooks, books, and more. You could find something budget-friendly and save money; however, these products may wear out within a few months. Durability is critical. You can also choose colors, styles, and themes that meet your kids’ personalities and preferences.

Water Bottles

Your children’s school will have drinking fountains. But your kids probably won’t have easy access to these throughout the day. It’s much more convenient for them to use their water bottles. Make sure you purchase water bottles that are leak proof. Your kids will also want something lightweight that won’t bog them down throughout the day. Moreover, other features can include a pop-open spout, a straw, and insulation.

Writing Utensils

Kids are increasingly using digital media to do homework. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are commonplace in schools. However, paper and pencils still have their places. Send your kids to school on day one with mechanical pencils, pens, and colored pencils.

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Notebooks and Paper

For taking notes, your kids will need plenty of paper. For instance, notebooks of tear-away sheets will come in handy. Purchase plenty of notebooks to last the year. It can be helpful to provide one for each class. Durable notebooks can help your kids stay organized.

With the school year coming up, it’s time to start shopping. Some supplies are optional, but others are essential for everyone. Check out this list, and send your kids to class feeling comfortable and ready for the new year.

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