Upgrade Your Summer: Grilling Tips

Grilling Tips

Do you want to be the new grill master in town? You can accomplish that by following some grilling tips. These tips will help you grill like a pro this summer.

Don’t Throw the Meat Right on the Grill

Do you take meat right out of the refrigerator and throw it on the grill? That’s a mistake. Take it out of the refrigerator and place it on the counter for a full 30 minutes. Then it will be ready to cook. By bringing the meat to room temperature, it’s much easier to cook it evenly. There is one exception to this rule. If you just want to sear the meat, you don’t need to bring it to room temperature.

Stop Pushing the Meat Around

Do you push the meat around, making sure it doesn’t stick? You shouldn’t push or flip meat more than necessary. The meat might stick if you leave it alone, but it will also unstick by itself.

Don’t Flatten the Meat

So many people are guilty of flattening the meat, so they can hear that satisfying sizzle. That sizzle is caused by the fat leaking out of the meat and hitting the flame. Fat makes meat juicy and flavorful, so you are essentially getting rid of the best part with every squish.

Stop Cooking Before It’s Done

It’s normal to wait until something cooks completely before taking it off the grill. It’s normal, but it’s also the wrong technique. Meat continues to cook for several minutes after being removed from the grill. Take it off when it is still slightly undercooked, and it will finish cooking without the flame.

Let it sit there for 5-15 minutes before eating it or cutting it. It will finish cooking, and the juices will redistribute. Then it will be perfectly done and juicy.

Use a Different Technique When Cooking Meat With Bones

How many times have you over-charred meat with bones? Probably every time. This is a common mistake, and it’s easy to avoid. Start by cooking the meat on high heat to get a crust. Then move it so it gets indirect heat from the grill. The indirect heat will cook the inside of the meat without charring the outside.

Get a Meat Thermometer

Meat thermometers are inexpensive and a must-have for grill masters. You won’t have to guess if the meat is done when you get a thermometer. This will make it much easier to cook each piece of meat to perfection.

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Get to Grilling

Now that you have these tips, you will have a tasty summer. Invite your friends over for a barbecue and show off your new skills. You will be the talk of the neighborhood for all the right reasons.

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