Upgrade Your Garage This Summer

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Is unwanted clutter keeping you from parking your car in your own garage? If so, it is time to embrace some garage makeover ideas. An organized garage can provide several benefits. This space can be used as a warehouse, a workshop, and even an art studio. By learning how to correctly store or do away with all of your clutter, you will be able to free up some much-needed space. The first step you want to take is figuring out what to declutter and how you want this space to function. Check out some simple DIY ideas below that we think will help you find a solution!

Amp Up Your Garage

  • Paint the walls: This is a good, early step to take, as it will provide some much-needed personality and cheeriness to your garage. You can either go with a bright color or a bold color, whatever your heart desires!
  • Install electrical power: A typical garage comes with just one electrical outlet, which will limit the number of power tools and equipment you can use or store in your garage. Install additional outlets along the walls to help beef up the space.
  • A multifunctional garage: This space just doesn’t have to be a place to park your car or store your tools, you turn it into an entertainment hub. Adding a tv, surround sound speakers, a pool table, and seating will go a long way when you are having some friends over or watching the big game!
  • Temperature: If your garage is going to be a place where spend a decent amount of time, then you should consider regulating the temperature. Ceiling fans during the summer and electric heaters during the winter are two ways you can help keep comfortable.

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