Is Your Windshield Cracked? Use These Tips To Fix It

Broken car windshield glass from stone

Discovering that your car’s windshield has been chipped or cracked can be the beginning of a headache. In some cases, your insurance will cover the cost of the repair. Back in the day, a cracked windshield meant you had to replace the entire glass with a new one. Fortunately, now you can make repairs without any replacements. We have gathered some go-to tips for you to use to fix your next cracked windshield!

  1.  Protect the glass from extreme conditions – Parking in the shade or a garage when it is hot will protect your vehicle from water and sunlight. If a garage or shade isn’t an option, using a tarp is the next best thing to protect the cracks in your windshield
  2. Try using a windshield repair kit – This is where you can tap into your DIY skills. Only use one of these if the crack is small or chipped. These repairs won’t last as long as the repairs done by a professional. This is a good temporary solution.
  3. Seek help AAP, if you can – It is important to get your windshield repaired soon after the crack or chip has happened. If it is not attended to, it can spread over time and damage your windshield even more.
  4. Repair or replace?
    • Repairing your windshield is quicker and more cost-effective than a replacement if the chip or crack is small enough. We recommend getting it repaired if the chip is smaller than a quarter and the crack is less than three inches long.
    • Replacing your windshield is more expensive and can take much longer to complete, but it is the best solution. This option will keep you as safe as possible!

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