Hit The Road With Aligned Tires

Wheel alignment equipment on a car wheel in a repair station

You rely on a good set of tires to keep your car safely on the road. The tires take a lot of abuse and can suffer a lot of wear and tear as the miles pile on. If you fail to properly maintain the tires, they can wear out quickly and cause other problems with the vehicle. Tire alignment service can prevent many of the issues that would otherwise grind your car to a halt. Make sure you pay close attention to the tires and this important service.

Tire Alignment: Process and Purpose

Aligning the tires ensures that they contact the road at the right angle. This service also helps the wheel to point straight and sit correctly in the wheel. When a professional aligns your vehicle’s tires, you can rest easy knowing the tires are hitting the road well. This will provide a smoother ride and prevent the car from pulling to one side or the other. It is also a good idea to align the tires if you want to get the most out of them. A quality set of tires should last up to 60,000 miles or more. However, poor maintenance can reduce a tire’s life span. Failure to align them will lead to uneven wear and rapid tread deterioration.

When to Do it

Tire alignment is not a service that should occur occasionally. This care is required regularly for maximum vehicle performance and tire life. Mechanics advise car owners to get an alignment when putting on new tires. You should take your car to a San Antonio, TX, tire shop for alignment service at least once a year. A twice-a-year schedule is wise if you frequently drive on rough roads.

Signs That Your Tires Need Alignment

If you’re not sure how long it has been since a professional has aligned your tires, you can pay attention to certain signs. Fortunately, there are clues that you need to take care of this service. If your car is veering off the road or if the steering wheel is off-center, you probably need to take your car in for an alignment. Excessive wear also means that your tires probably haven’t been aligned in a while. Also, get an alignment if you lower or lift your vehicle. You also need this service if you have been involved in a collision.

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Consequences of Ignoring Alignment

Putting off tire alignment can have severe results. Your vehicle may start to shake or vibrate as you drive. It can also drift from the center of the lane, putting you at risk of having an accident. Your car may even get bad gas mileage. Plus, you’ll spend more money on tires, as you’ll have to replace them much more often than you would otherwise have to.

Make sure you get a tire alignment at least once a year. If your tires are due for this service, bring your car to Red McCombs Hyundai Northwest in San Antonio, TX, today.

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