The Little Ones Will Love Seeing Daniel Tiger Live

Daniel Tiger’s

If you have little kids, then you might see them spending a lot of time watching PBS shows. They’re informative, educational, and fun for the little ones. But if they love Daniel Tiger most, you’re definitely going to want to make plans to see Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live. This might be the best show for kids, and they’re going to have a ton of fun while they watch it. But why not bring your whole family along to take part in the fun? Keep reading if you want more info on how you can attend and have a great time when you’re there.

The Details

Daniel Tiger’s live performance is just around the corner, so you should make plans to attend as soon as you possibly can. He will be taking the stage at the Tobin Center in San Antonio on Sunday, Feb. 23, and the show will begin at 1 p.m. – perfect for an after-lunch break. You can grab your tickets now by just going online and making a purchase. Ticket prices range from $24.75 to $43.75, but there are options in between as well.

Schedule a Meet and Greet

Seeing Daniel Tiger live on stage is going to be a lot of fun for your kids, but wouldn’t they have an even better time if they got to meet him in person? That’s just the opportunity they’ll get at the meet and greet. This is their chance to meet one of their favorite TV personalities, and it’s sure to be an absolutely magical experience for them. Meet and greet tickets cost $85 if you are interested in scheduling one.

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Bring the Whole Family Along

Whenever you go to a show that’s specifically designed for kids, you may think that older audience members aren’t going to have that much fun. However, at a Daniel Tiger show, you’ll be surprised at how much adults are actually interested as well. Therefore, you should think about bringing the whole family along.

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