Easy Halloween Costumes

Portrait of a young man dressed in Halloween costume of Mummy. He is ready for Halloween party.

There are many reasons why you might not have a costume ready for Halloween. Maybe you haven’t had time to get to the store. Or, you got invited to a party at the last minute. Many places often run out of good costumes if you wait too long. Fortunately, making a costume with bits and pieces and a little creativity is easy. Try these eight last-minute Halloween costumes that will be sure to impress.

A Skeleton Costume

There are many simple ways to turn yourself into a skeleton for Halloween. For example, you can dress in all black. Then, use white felt to cut bone-shaped pieces out and glue or sew them. Next, paint your face. In addition, you could try taking an old black shirt and making bone-shaped cutouts. Then, wear a white T-shirt underneath.

An Unusual Rainshower

Let it rain men! Gather your regular clothes, a raincoat, umbrella, galoshes, and a few printout photos. Next, cut the photos out and tape them to a string. Then, hang the strings from your umbrella, and you’re ready.

Miss or Mr. Universe

First, make some cardboard planets and stars. Then, tape or glue them to a black dress or outfit. Finish the costume with a Miss or Mr. Universe sash, a sparkly tiara, and an armful of roses.

Lemon Life

This might be the easiest costume on the list. All you’ll need is a name tag and a basket of lemons. Then, write “LIFE” on the name tag, slap it on yourself, and pass out lemons to anyone who looks like they need a pun.

Tell Halloween About It, Stud

Many people love the movie Grease and Sandy’s transformation at the end. Channel your own Sandy with a permed blonde wig, spandex pants, and a leather jacket. Of course, you get bonus points if you can get someone to go as Danny.

Hippie Halloween

Dressing as a hippie is a fun way to trick-or-treat and party comfortably while still in costume. In addition, you can probably find the perfect patterns and items at your local thrift store. Don’t forget to include some tie-dye and round sunglasses. Peace.

Mummy Dearest

With some gauze bandaging, white clothes, and face paint, you can look like someone woke you from your eternal sleep. Practice walking with stiff movements, and you’ve mastered this costume.

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The Butterfly Catcher

Make a quick trip to the dollar or craft store for some butterflies and a small net. Then, raid your closet for anything khaki and a button-down shirt. In addition, a bucket hat can definitely add to the look. Finally, if you get someone to wear a butterfly wing costume, they’ll be the perfect Halloween companion.

You can have a lot of fun getting creative with your Halloween costume. Think outside the box and look at things you might already have to craft an outfit perfect for trick-or-treating with the kids or partying with friends.

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